Rakefet Amsalem is a singer and composer of liturgical folk music (paytanit) who integrates the world of piyyut – traditional ancient Jewish liturgical lyrics in unique, innovative arrangements.

As the daughter of a family with widespread roots in the East and the West – Spain, Morocco, and Poland – that influenced and shaped her creativity and her identity, Rakefet integrates spiritual folk and original singing in a variety of languages – Hebrew, Arabic, Moroccan and Ladino – with Mediterranean, Andalusian, North African and western influences in messages of healing, joy, longing and connections between generations and tradition.

Rakefet appears in concert and at festivals, musical and cultural events in Israel and overseas with an ensemble of players and in productive partnerships with musicians, singers, and religious and spiritual leaders, as part of spreading the message of human connection.

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Rakefet Amsalem

رقفت امسلم

Tel: +972-52-8692424      E-Mail: rakefetamsalem@gmail.com