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Rakefet Amsalem

رقفت امسلم

  • Rakefet Amsalem

The Women’s Song Project at the Oud Festival 2017

Updated: May 16, 2018

For several years I had a dream of producing a concert of women’s song in which Arabic Jewish and Spanish Andalusian music would come together and bring together the multicultural world of women from these cultures.

In November 2017 my dream came true when I had the good fortune to produce and appear in this kind of concert in the framework of the Oud Festival that was arranged by the Confederation House in Jerusalem led by Effie Benaya.

As a singer, creator and paytanit (liturgical composer), I chose to bring North African and Spanish Jewish piyyut (liturgical song). I was joined by the singer Violet Salameh who is an expert in the songs of Umm Kulthum, who brought classical Arabic song, and Yael Horowitz who brought traditional flamenco song.

Afterwards we joined the “Almaghribia” Andalusian orchestra of Maalot-Tarshiha and in collaboration we created an Andalusian concert that integrated women’s singing that included love songs, lullabies, joy and mourning, longing and healing.

During the rehearsals, we began to understand the amazing power of the singing of three women that joined together a diverse range of languages: Arabic, Hebrew, Moroccan, Ladino and Spanish, in a range of sounds with 15 musicians and exciting arrangements by the conductors Emad Dalal and Orian Shukrun.

On the evening of the performance, the hall which holds 480 people was completely full.

The women’s song and wonderful playing by the orchestra musicians made this a unique, powerful, multicultural evening that showcased the language of music as a language that joins and unites and for me it was definitely a dream come true.

Women's Song Project

Oud Festival 2017

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